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win competitions | win competition | win prizes | tiebreakers | slogans | compers | win competition prizes | win a fortune in prizes


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Win competitions

Entering and winning prize competitions is an exciting pastime. It's educational, challenging and great fun for all your family...

You can win brand new cars, enjoy family holidays in fun or exotic locations, watch the latest movie on your state-of-the-art home entertainment system or shower your family and friends with prizes.

How to win competition prizes

Promoters give away thousands of pounds worth of prizes in contests and all you have to do is enter.  If it's a free to enter prize draw and your entry is "first picked at random", then you are the lucky winner of the prize, which could be anything from a T-shirt to a stylish new car. It's quite simply, the luck of the draw.

You can of course, give Lady Luck a helping hand, by entering those prize competitions where you have to complete a sentence to write a tiebreaker slogan. There's a knack to it and it's easy to learn, and great fun too.  You'll find lots of tips and advice here to help you win prizes, together with prize winning books which give you a competitive edge. 

To thank you for visiting, I'd like to give you a free Win With Lynne - How to win competitions e-guide.

Wishing you every success with your competitions, and hope you win many prizes.  Happy comping,  Lynne

Lynne Suzanne

Lynne, prize winning author, consultant and freeland writer,   has won a wealth of competition prizes including
 cars and world-wide holidays, shares her secrets of success to show  you how to be a winner...

Lynne has written  books on winning prize competitions, has published features in magazines and newspapers and   has appeared on TV to talk about competitions, slogans, puns, luck and chance.

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